Online friend spun a very believable story!

Anonymous | 27 Aug 2019

Internet Love Scam
It was a match on CMB (coffee meets bageL) app. we chatted first via cmb and then via whatsapp. he shared that he is a singaporean, dad passed away at 12, mum was sweden chinese, passed away 3 years ago. he is a chemical engineer, been away from SG after psle, worked with halliburton for 12 years in texas. decided to free lance so he has time to travel and explore. he has bought a condo at artra in sg (even provided the unit number). he will finish his project on 19 sep and be back in sg on 20 sep. he wants to settle down permanently back in sg. in essence he has provided enough details for me to believe he is real and truthful.

Until within 3 weeks of our chat, he mentioned that his machine broke down and needed a replacement. he is at an offshore oil rig. it dept could not help him access his bank account and requested for my help. he claimed he wanted to trust me in this, and he is expecting a first installment. this has crossed the line for me and sounded an alarm within me. i came on this website, and i read about people with similar backgrounds and they seem to like to use oil rig contracts. that confirmed that this is a scam. i'm astonished at how elaborate and real it can be!