Don't fall prey to Credit-for-Sex scams

Anonymous | 27 Apr 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I talked to this girl on LIne which I found her from Tinder. initially it was going smoothly, then she offered the services because she was a student doing part time job, needed some money, etc. So I went with it. upon meeting at the location, she said her “friend" will contact me to arrange the meetup. Then he told me to pay S$300 at the AXS machine via alipay top-up. AFter that he asked for more, giving other excuses. I felt fishy after paying 3k. I wanted to stop but he sort of threaten me. Once I've left the vicinity, the girl contacted me and then showed gruesome video of they threatening. In the end I was too gullible and pay another 5k worth of google playstore card. Unfortunately, I can't write much as I'm limit to 500 words. I can go all day long and list every details of how they scam and what kind of excuses given. I found out that the girls are around HK and they somehow manage to spoof their location in Singapore. Don't trust any girls providing LINE ID in dating apps. (eg, tinder, CMB, etc).

Editor's Note: Police have shared that at least S$295,000 was lost to credit-for-sex scams in March this year, with about 112 reports lodged. We advised MOPs to be wary of such scams during this Covid-19 period as scammers are not taking a break during this period. 

Also, a gentle reminder that members of the public are to stay home and avoid going out during the “circuit breaker” period.