Caller claiming to be from "MOH" turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 26 Nov 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
Received a phone call on 26th November to my house line saying that this is a phone call from the Ministry of Health or in chinese, 卫生部.

Unable to get their number as this is directly dialed into my house line. The call started with a robocall stating to do a self test for covid19 within 2 hours as advised in my own home. Automated call rotates in english and chinese with the same instruction. Alternatively, you can press "5" to speak to a personnel. When pressed, the call would be transferred to a heavily chinese accented guy who tried to impersonate a staff from MOH and trick you into sharing your PERSONAL information. They know the basic information of our ministry of health such as the ministry phone number, etc, but does not Know any of our PERSONAL information ( name, our contact, etc) .

The caller ended the call when he realised that I won't get scammed.