Beware of scammers online!

Anonymous | 26 Dec 2020

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam
I get to know this guy from Cmb. We chatted in WhatsApp for around 3 weeks.
Even though we never meet out but he confessed his love for me.
I pushed him to meet out( he is in singapore) but he will always use his tight work schedule as an excuse.
By the 3rd week of chatting, on one particular night he started to ask me to invest in this online investment link to earn some extra money.
I REJECTed him and he was angry about it. He refused to continue to chat with me as he felt that there was no trust between us.

My advice is
1) a guy that really has an interest in you ,will make an effort to meet you out
2) do not Invest in anything if you have not meet out the guy even though he claims he love you (high chance he is a scammer)