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Anonymous | 26 Dec 2019

Home/Room Rental Scam
Wanted to rent my rooms which posted on Singapore room for rent website. She emailed me and told me she was currently working in Hongkong and coming back to Singapore. She told me she needed to pay her delivery company but she was posted to work overseas, unable to make the PAYMENT ANd SHe had lose her hand phone. She begged me to help her to pay the delivery company if not will incur more costs to move out from her house in Hongkong. 

She claimed that she had paid me via PayPal for the rent deposit and fee to transfer to the delivery COMPANY. I checked many times but didn't see the amount. I sensed that it was strange and rejected to transfer the money. I think the person has been using another person I/c to carry out the scam.

So, if your receive a photo of an I/C, don't trust blindly as scammers can use details of others to cheat.