Scammer claimed to be an US citizen, only child and parents have passed away

Anonymous | 26 Dec 2018

Internet Love Scam
I got to know a guy from coffee and bagel and his name is John Chang Brown. He claimed to be an US citizen, only child and parents have passed away. His mother is from Singapore and dad from Albania. He said he is a drilling engineer working as an contractor for KNPC and is at Kuwait oil rig now. he cannot video call as the internet connection is bad at Kuwait. he does not have an us accent though he moved to us at 12 years old. his spelling is sometimes worse than me. he said he was divorced and his ex-wife cheated on him when he was overseas working. He claimed to be in love with me and will relocate to Singapore after his project ends.

when we talked, he told me that his machine pump is not working well and he needs to get a new pump. he even told me that knpc came to inspect and he has received money for the 1st milestone for the project. He started to ask me to help him on 3 Dec as he cannot access his bank account as it is blocked due to IT security issues. He gave me the link, account code and password and asked me to transfer money to a China vendor as he needs to buy a machine pump. I could access the account and see that there was money credited into his account from KNPC as 1st instalment payment for his project (USD750k). But the money cannot be transferred out to the vendor as there was an income tax to be paid. He also asked me to contact the bank staff on his behalf regarding the account restriction and ask for instructions on how to pay for the income tax.

I contacted the bank based on the email given in the error message when the payment was blocked, and it also matched the email address in the bank website. i blocked him when he asked me to help to pay for the income tax.

I think this is an syndicate as the bank website was done professionally. when I went to check the bank website again, it was down and I realised that the real bank is first city trust not first citi trust.