Scammer spoofed Alexandra Hospital's number

Anonymous | 25 Sep 2019

Software Update Scam
I received a call this morning on my 'private' handphone number (NUMBER WHICH IS ONLY KNOWN TO A FEW CLOSE RELATIVES AND NO ONE ELSE). Being skeptical, I googled the number and saw it was from Alexandra Hospital.

After picking up the call wondering what emergencies there were, the caller (who sounded like an Indian national) told me he was from Singtel and was calling me about internet services that I used as they picked up an error message sent from my router. Over the phone I could hear one other person in the background seemingly talking on the phone as well. Naturally as I don't subscribe to any internet services using that number, I tried to clarify. This time the caller asked me if I was "so-and-so" (a pseudo name I use with my private number). After probing a bit, the caller sensed something was wrong and immediately hung up the phone.