I lost over $10,000 to job scams

Anonymous | 25 Oct 2021

Job Scam
met this lady named Judy on Facebook dating app on 19 oct 2021. We proceeded to whatsapp (Mobile number 88021142) and spoke for 2 days and everything seems fine and she gained my trust that she is a legit potential date. she mentioned she is working a side job for zalora by helping to make purchases in advance and receive 5% commission from the merchant. the commission and principal amount will be transferred be to me immediately after my transfer. she mentioned that she needs to complete 50 orders a day and appreciated that i could help her complete some of it. Finally, I agreed to help her out and was given another number by Judy she claimed was the ZALORA customer service. The first 3 jobs were small amount and I was given the refund and commission immediately. Then the issue comes when i was asked to transfer an amount for the item worth $1367. I made the transfer and this time the money was not returned to me. This time the customer service told me that I was supposed to transfer FOR 3 PIECES OF THE SAME item (total $4101) I believed the customer service and transfer the BALANCE amount ($1367 X 2 = $2734) BUT WAS TOLD THAT I DID NOT INFORM THEM BEFORE I TRANSFERRED AND THE SYSTEM DID NOT CAPTURE THE TRANSACTION. I was told to transfer ANOTHER $2734 and CAME BACK SAYING THIS IS A DOUBLE ORDER AND I ONLY COMPLETED THE OTHER ORDER AND TRANSFERRED ANOTHER ($1367 X 3 = $4101) LASTLY THEY TOLD ME MY ACCOUNT IS FROZEN AND I NEED TO COMPLETE ANOTHER ORDER FOR A G-SHOCK WATCH THAT COST $4900 IN ORDER TO UNFREEZE THE ACCOUNT. BY THEN I REALISED That I GOT SCAMMED and I made a trip down personally to the police station to report the case.

AFTER THE INCIDENT, I READ STORIES HERE aND FOUND the STORY TITLED "I LOST OVER $12K TO A JOB SCAM", posted on 06 oct 2021, had similarities with my encounter. i noticed the method of operation is similar (i.e. met scammer by the name of judy through Facebook, e-commerce related (Zalora vs qoo-10), first 3 jobs being successful to bait the victim onto the scam.) the only difference is the mobile number used (91487476 VS 88021142). there may be a possibility that it could be the same scammer operating on 2 different mobile numbers or 2 different scammers working for the same syndicate. the account used to receive the funds from victims (BANK ACCOUNT NO. OCBC 5277061783; BANK ACCOUNT NAME: S.RAMANATHAN ) maybe "money mules" working for the syndicate.

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