Massage service found at locantos

MAN | 25 Oct 2018

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Massage service found at locantos. I went for the appointment but the girl didn’t show up. Instead she ask me to pay her $100 through Alipay at axs machine. She said this is for safety reason. Later on she messaged again and said one person will call me to verify my identity. The all came and called claimed that he is the boss. Ask me take a photo of my identity card to the girl. And another $1200 deposits. He said the girl will refund all to me in cash when we meet. And they are very smart, the girl told me she cannot withdraw the money til I pass her the receipt so I thought control was with me. After paying $1200, the boss said I have to pay another $3000. This is to ensure the girl are protected during the service with me. I refuse and quarrel with him on the phone. He then threatened me with messages as usual, quoting that he is from secret society. He will track me down using my identity info and mobile line. I think police should crack down this syndicate as soon as possible as they started to threatened the victims with secret society linkage. 369, 福清帮, and his name is 阿豹. Apart from this AXS should also do their part by giving warning sign on their screen that once you purchased, the control go to the other party through email address. I called up Alipay and seem like the serial number I have given them are being used or lock. I called axs and they push me back to Alipay. I give up. Lesson learnt. Want a normal massage and was conned $1300.