I was threatened to give more money to scammer!

Anonymous | 25 Nov 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
The lustful me got tempted by a escort post on locanto and I contacted the escorted for a 100 dollar per hour service. However when I reach the meeting place the escort want the payment to be made in razor gold gift card being gullible I bought and send over the photo of the gift card and after awhile when the code has been verified the escort told me that his friend will call me to verify my identity to ensure that I'm not with the cops and I agreed so after a few minutes a man called me and told me about how the escort got hurt recently by other customer and say that need a 1000 dollar deposit and at this point of time I found it was fishy and wanted to stop however the person proceed with threat to hunt me and my family down and send me video of victim that they hunt down and I only realize that many other people received the same video like I do so being afraid I agreed and send them 1000 dollar worth of razor gift card and after that another man call me to ask for my ID as a verification that I'm not with the cops I was reluctant to give but was frightened at the same time so again I foolishly send my ID over and soon after I search for solution online and found scam alert and realized I'm not the only one and was able to calm down and just ignore their threats I only just hope is just a hoax and my family will be safe