Be vigilant and don't fall prey to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 25 Nov 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Don't be fooled by Credit-for-sex scams! 

Things to take note:

1. Usually scammer uses really really attractive/pretty girls photo on ads

2. Their rates are Reasonable in ‘market rate’, maybe $100/hr, $200/2 hr/unlimited etc

3. TheY usually leave with ContaCt and wechat/line details

4. They are very friendly with you, which Real sex worker wont

5. Their will ask You to go to a certain hdb block without unit number

6. And confirm plus chop, there will be 7 eleven at the block or Next to it

7. They will kept asking for your contact number

8. They will either ask you buy Apple credit, or do a traNsfer with axs to their account.

9. Once you transfer first Time, she will ask for more, for whatever reason you might believe. Else someone else will call you and threaThen you to kill you, haunt u down etc

10. Never believe as long they mention about no money transaction.

11. Never believe them when they are already Messaging you on messenger app, and still need your phone number.