Don't be fooled by online friends you met online

Anonymous | 25 Nov 2019

Internet Love Scam
Met this guy in meetup. Messaged me. after few days, we transferred to wechat. His wEchat id: Michael09871. Says he is a residential contractor based in queenstown here in sg. Says also he is american but has chinese ethnicity, never met his dad and only has his mom. At first everything normal. Until he said he went to cambodia coz the building they made collapsed. He didnt asked for money. But he gave me his logins to his bank account called chesterfield mutual bank to transfer money to the building owner. I got suspicious and found out the the bank is fake. Also he does not want to video call. He has a british accent. I think he is using other persons identity but i cannot find his photos in reverse image searches. He really seemed so real and nice and very consistent in his stories. Also believable that he lives too here in sg, only that he travels alot. He is not pushy about love or anything but very caring and concern about you. Beware coz i think this persons behind the picture is very manipulative. I dont think the scammer is the same as the picture though.