Beware of unlicensed moneylenders or scammers offering loans online!

Anonymous | 25 Jun 2020

Loan Scam
I APPLIED for a loan when I came across an advert offering personal loans on Facebook A person contacted me via whatsapp and assured me a loan of 25000$ and took my s-pass copy and payslips. then he asked me to take a small loan to get eligible for a big loan. he asked me to take 300 and return him 400. he deposited 280 cash in my account DEDUCTING 20$ admin fee. after discussing with my colleagues I realized it could be a scam and stopped paying any money. now he is THREATENING me to transfer 2000 as Ihave delayed the payment. he is torturing me daily by saying he will make sure that I lose my job.

Editor's Note: Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to advertise their services online (including social media), via messaging apps, SMS or cold calls.

Please visit and get in touch with them through the contacts provided in the list.