Caller pretended to be a "Cyber Security Agency of Singapore" officer

Anonymous | 25 Feb 2020

Impersonation Scam
The call was received 25 feb 2020 at 6:55am and the caller posed as an officer from "cyber security agency of singapore" saying that it's about my ip address on the internet. caller had indian accent, and the phone number above was reflected on caller id.

I suggest that the sg police set up an secure online form that is shared with telco providers, so that such telephone numbers can be instantly alerted for scams and reported, to prevent innocent victims from being scammed.

Editor's Note: Scammers are using spoofing technology to create fake numbers and the numbers that appear on users' Caller IDs are often untraceable, defunct, or belong to some innocent parties. Instead of focussing on the numbers, the more effective solution is to learn how to identify a scam call. In the above case, the one clear red flag is for an Agency to call a resident at random and asking for her IP address.