Don't be fooled by fancy titles of your online friend

anonymous * | 24 Nov 2019

Internet Love Scam
i have met online guy from langmate apps but it doesn't list in the listed. so short of the story we're continue to chat by line apps. he claimed that as a gemologist whose living in new york city for almost 3 decades, diamond miner & reseller, and act as a korean guy. we were friend for almost 2 months and he asking about my salary all that. but this guy actually was misused someone picture and i've found out by my friend who's helping me to check using the pictures. he's sweet (too good to be true) caring and etc. luckily i knew before he start to asking anything from me. if any one of you, ladies bump into this guy in online dating apps please don't trust him and don't entertain him. This photo may not even be his!

Photo Evidence: