If someone calls via VIBER app offering prize money, don't be fooled!

Anonymous | 24 Nov 2019

Lottery Scam
REceived a call via viber from 'duty free', telling me i have won 50K. the caller was a lady and asked "can you share with me ma'am how you feel about winning?", but i was skeptic and asked, "sorry can you provide my name first?". she just then repeated her entire spiel from the start. so i said, "i don't believe this because i haven't bought anything at changi." so she replied "if you don't believe me ma'am then hang up."

i wasn't aware that this was a scam reported on the news 5 days ago, but still reporting it anyway so that you guys are informed that it is still ongoing by the name "duty free" as a caller.

Photo Evidence: