I lost $8,000 after taking up a job offer on Telegram

Anonymous | 24 Jan 2022

Job Scam
i was first contacted by someone call michelle chia working for recruit express from telegram asking if i wanted a freelance job, i agreed and gave my contact details and after which, a woman call elise lee yee wen on whatsapp explaining that she's from moni pte ltd and offering me a marketing freelance job where i increase view rate of products just simply by clicking. i can earn $90/day and the task take about 2 hours to complete. i was told to register as an agent and sign up on the website (https://www.moni-c.com/index/index/home.html)
i hop on the opportunity thinking there's nothing to lose yet and she also instruct me to help her complete her account on the daily basis which then i can receive 20% dividends on her account. at the start i have to complete 30 orders which is to click 30 times and then i can withdraw the money on the same day. the top up process is to paynow the amount of money to recharge on the website to various merchants and send screenshot to moni customer service via whatsapp. on the course of working for 3 days, i have transferred to about 4 different people namely goh jianhui, jovan wong, jiaming chee and kasthuri malik.

I JOINED ON THE 19 JAN 2022 AND WORK TILL 21 JAN 2022. on the 2nd day, she ask me to top up and be a bronze member so that i can earn more and do more times on one single day. so i did and that is when i start to panic because i have to up close to $3000 in one shot in order to complete just 1 order. at first i did "earn" about $300+ for the first two days, it is on the 3rd when i was required to top up so much money that i do not have enough anymore and i try to plead her to help me and she refused. i knew then it was a scam and i lodged a police report the next day citing the incident. in total i lost $8000 as i transfer from my uob and dbs account all via paynow.