Don't fall prey to tech support impersonation scam!

Anonymous | 24 Feb 2020

Impersonation Scam
received a call claiming to be from Singtel. There was lot of background noise at the caller's side.
She said she has information regarding my singtel internet connection. i don't have a singtel connection, to which she said singtel runs all the internet infrastructure in singapore (ok!!)
She said singtel has information that someone (hackers!) are trying to connect with with my PC and that it is unsafe and they can steal all my data and bank information....she said i can verify this through the netstat command on my windows command prompt (which i typed in and show local address, foreign address...blah blah).
next she said she verify all these connections by connection to singtel server and she will guide me through the process (yea right!)
at that point, i asked to her stop and i'm not interested and if there is a serious threat, you can ask singtel to write to me formally...not over a phone call.