I lost $15k to an investment scam

Anonymous | 23 Oct 2021

Investment Scam Investment Scam

I got to know this guy by the name of en from the dating app "happn". He was very friendly and initiated several calls to build relationship, before finally asking me to help him do an investment using the app named 凯基KGI.

He gave me a third party link to download the app, and showed me how he can earn money using his account. Thereafter he got me to register for my own and began asking me to deposit more cash so that i can get more returns. I started with $200 and i eventually deposited $5k as i grew more confident.

At this point, he got me to participate in an event by the app, whereby if i deposited $30k in 3 days, i would receive an additional $1688. He informed me that he participated in the event as well.

However, the next day i was informed by the app's help desk that if i do not deposit 30k, i would not be able to withdraw from my account which had 6k at that point in time.
Thus, i quickly deposited 15k and en "helped" me with 15k.

Thereafter i was told to make an investment before i can withdraw my money. While making that investment, i was informed that my account is frozen because i had violated the app's regulations. In order to unfreeze the account, i would have to deposit another 15k.

Feeling very stressed and confused, i called my friend to borrow money and told him about what had happened.

Only then i realized i had been scammed.
The numbers used by en:
+65 84468801
+65 88594534
+65 93490991
he used the last 2 numbers to whatsapp me after i've blocked him.

凯基 KGI helpdesk number:
+852 95592024