Call from "Lazada" turned out to be a fake

Anonymous | 23 Nov 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam Online Purchase Scam
I got a call from someone who claimed to be from Lazada, It was in regard to a suspicious transaction involving my account. He told me that the purchase was made in Germany and asked me to provide my details to block the transaction. When he cannot match to his records, he transferred the call to another Indian accent man. Second person told that there is access to account from Malaysia. and he said he need to verify further using phone number, since I have 2 mobile phone number (work and personal), he tried to confirm both phone numbers when he told my last 2 digits of the phone number which I felt they know both phone number already. I rejected to confirm, then he told he can try to block if can confirm which credit card is valid, and he told there is 3 credit card is tied to transaction (come from Citibank, DBS and UOB). when he want to confirm citibank, he just give first 8 digit of card number which is show card type and bank issuer only not identified account, and tried to get full credit card number, I suspected that he has one of my real card number, for citibank.

He told some card number that didn't match mine. I became more suspicious that it was a scam + data collection, I hung up.

From this case, no monetary lost so far, but looks personal info have been compromise a lot.