I lost over $200 to a scammer

Anonymous | 23 Feb 2019

Online Purchase Scam
It happened in Feb 2019 when I wanted to buy a Huawai phone on Lazada.sg and found a great deal. As I  thought Singapore being a safe country it cannot be a scam. the seller by the name dhdhfh asked me to contact through Whatsapp which i initially hesitated but later as Singapore was a safe country went on with it. he initially offered me a offer that if i buy 3 phones i would get 2 more phones for free. but i insisted that one is sufficient and told i will pay through Lazada. but he insisted me in not going through Lazada as he will not get the full amount. i told how can i believe him without any details. he immediately sent me a NRIC of a Singaporean. i thought it was real and even cross checked the number's originality. It was real, so I paid him. he then told me to pay via bitcoin. I grew suspicious about it. but later he sent bank details of posb 09391661?. I sent $250 to his account and sent a screenshot. he told me that he will deliver the product by the next day. but it never happened. the next day i repeatedly messaged him. finally he responded but saying that i have to pay the customs in order to get the phone. he gave the second account number 438-18545-3 posb account. his name is tan boon leng and he sent me an nric card photo s781797?h. my money is gone and hope he would get caught. i would track his ip address to be with location in Nigeria, as he is using a vpn. and i reported to jurong west police with Report Number: J/20190223/2036.

I have also reported to the POSB bank to take further action. hopefully if they coordinate with the police to catch him. 

Photo Evidence: