I lost a phone and $30 to a buyer

Anonymous | 23 Apr 2019

Online Purchase Scam
Buyer contacted me thru whatsapp for a samsung galaxy s10+ that i was selling on gumtree for sgd 1000.00 on the 15th april 2019. He wanted to buy this for his daughter's birthday the following day, so wanted the delivery man to pick up the phone on the same day. he sent over a screenshot which showed the transfer of SGD1040.00 (inclusive of delivery man fees of SGD 40.00) from bank of america to my dbs account - all seems well and it usually takes 2 to 3 days for interbank transfer to show in the statement. The collection was made on the same day and i paid SGD32.15 to the delivery man.

I followed up with the buyer over whatsapp everyday to check with his bank on the payment delay - unfortunately he has decided to block me on whatsapp today 23/4/2019 and i have no way of contacting him now. i have lost the phone and the payment to the delivery man.

Other identifying details of this buyer is that he claims to be an engineer working on an offshore platform.

Photo Evidence: