Beware of fake job offers!

Anonymous | 22 Oct 2021

Job Scam

I was approached on telegram with a job offer, which i accepted and another lady whatsapp me regarding the job. Gave me a website address and guided me through. Once registered, i was asked to do 45 orders on her account for about 30 minutes and was paid $120 commission. I was then asked to do the same amount of orders on my own account which required me to top up 3 times amounting to a total of $63. End of the order, i have $188 in my account which I was able to withdraw $100 due to withdrawal limit to denomination of 100.

Next day i did the same, however putting in bigger amount multiple times, till its beyond my means. Turning to family for money, then only to realize that this is a scam and there is police news report in may 2021 on such scams/cheats. A total of $13622.59 was lost.

I hope this serves a reminder to everyone that there is no easy money.

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