You want problems, i am ready for you, i have all your details said the scammer.

Steve chua | 22 Nov 2018

Online Purchase Scam
Buyer messaged me showing interest in my items (iPhone). then ask me what other items i am selling. then ask for best price. then claims that "getting it for my daughter for a birthday gift which is tomorrow", "she will be traveling to camp by tomorrow", not available to meet up as working offshore", "arrange with the courier for COLLECTION", "bank of america receipt", "account statement".

When things fails, he will say things like "you want problems", i am ready for you", i have all your details". Seems like he know Malaysia import tax very well, he will teach you what to write and what to say. he will rush you to send the items before you are able to check your bank account balance (as banks requires 2-4 days). he will send you screenshot of a poorly edited transaction receipt and account statement.

2) November 2018
3) Lost $80 for shipping fees, COURIER managed to stop and return the items to me.

Photo Evidence: