Singapore High Court will not make unsolicited calls to members of the public

Anonymous | 22 May 2020

Impersonation Scam
A call from 98749743 was received at 08:24 am 22 may 2020 on my mobile. An automated voice message was telling me i have been summoned by the singapore high court.

I pressed "9". Then i waited for a few rings then a guy in english answered me. "singapore high court how can i help".

I asked him that this call is regarding what? He told me that he is calling from SINGAPORE high court and there is urgent summon for me and asked me to give the reference number (if any). I said i don't have any and wondering how come i am getting a direct call, they usually don't call like this. i asked their contact details so that i can call them for further clarification and Then he dropped the call.

I tried calling back the number (m1) from my mobile and landline, after 3-4 tries i could connect to a lady via my landline number. she told me me that she is in qatar and number is in roaming mode and she is completely unaware of this call.

the guy's accent was not very clear and WASN'T very fluent in english. he did not sounded of singaporean or south asian accent.The lady, however, had a south asian accent and pretty fluent in english.