I lost money to Internet Love scam

Anonymous | 22 Jun 2021

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam
I met a girl through facebook dating app, then we chatted few days then added her in whatapps and continued to share the life in singapore, one day we chat about investment and she said that she has a platform can earn more money than play a stock market. I tempted into this application, from the first day she guide me how to download the app, she shared with me a link then guide me how to make first deposit, then also she know the system has the loophole to win the money. afterward, she also guided me to withdraw the money.

Everything looked fine from the first day. Later few day, she ask me to top up more and can win more and also ask me to join VIP subscription. In this subscription I have to top up to certain amount get get extra credits, you can without any money in the middle of this VIP subscription. So I realised that i was being scammed by this girl all because I trusted and loved her. I have lost total of 27,000 SGD of my hard earned money. If you encountering such person and ask you do the thing like i encountered, please stay away and block the person.