ScamAlert: I saw a similar story on this website

Anonymous | 22 Jul 2019

Home/Room Rental Scam
Received a Facebook message from her asking if my room is stilll available for rent. Provided her with details but found out that she's not physically in Singapore but would like to me to send her pictures of my room even though I've already posted the pictures in my advertisements. She further asked me for the total cost of renting the room (which I've also mentioned in my advertisement) and tonnes of questions about my location to her workplace, amenities, if there's a particular shop in the mall, eateries and gym nearby. she doesn't even know what's the difference between hdb and condo. she asked how is she able to transfer the rent to me. i told her i am not sure and she recommended paypal.

her over-enthusiasm lead me to google about rental scams and there's how i CHANCED UPON THIS WEBSITE. the telltale signs told me that I have most likely met a scammer. i won't be surprised that the scammer has used my room pics to pretend to be a landlord seeking for tenants.