Scammer threatened me after I didn't want to pay more for sexual service

Anonymous | 22 Jan 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
At Tampines blk 844

Knew a girl name 甜甜, claimed that she waas Taiwanese, a student, Working part-time by providing sex service to supplement her school fees and expenses. S$100/90Mins.

I was asked to meet her at Tampines blk 844. She asked for my HP number when I reached there, said her friend would call me to verify my identity. Her friend (Boss) called me, ask to buy top up card through Alipay as this is the first time his girl was providing service. I bought it although I had my doubts. After he called me again to provide my identity card to make sure that I am not a police. I took a photo of my driving licence, partially covered my IC number. He called me again, asked to put $600 deposit, and promised that I would deposit back after the service. At this time, I was very sure this was a scam. I told him and the girl that I would be going off, you can have my $100. 'Boss' not happy and started threatening me that he would ask 'Ah LONG'/ his guys harass me and my FAMILY at my house. He claimed that he got my HP number and photo, would have sufficient info to reach me. While I ignored him, they kept calling. 

Photo Evidence: