Don't transfer money for sexual services in advance

Anonymous | 22 Feb 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
she call (from 8457 3387) and told me that she got my number on Facebook and ask me to come TO her home to have sex by transferring some amount "by saying she is on very urgent situation , need money for her food expenses. i guessed it was scam but BELIEVED IN her poverty that "she saying, as she does not have money TO HAVE DINNER/LUNCH. INITIALLY, SHE ASKED 80$ AND I TRANSFERED TO THE MENTIONED ACCOUNT (posb saving : 273013890) WITHIN 10 MINUTES AGAIN SHE CALLED AND TOLD ME THAT SHE NEED 20$ MORE FOR HER KID TO BUY SOMETHING. AND I DO SOO. FINALLY SHE SAID, "SHE WILL CALL ME OVER EVENING AND GIVE THE ADDRESS & ASKED ME TO WAIT AT PUNGGOL MRT. BY EVENING SHE AGAIN CALLED AND TOLD ME THAT SHE STRUCK AT EAST COAST PARK; DUE TO HEAVY RAIN COULD NOT GET ANY BUS AND NEEDED $20 MORE TO TAKE TAXI TO COME TO SEE ME. I TRUSTED AGAIN AND TRANSFERRED THE MONEY.

At last, she told me that she was on her way and I waited for her for more than 3 hours. For 3 hours, i kept ringing her but she didn't pick up. Next day, she blocked my call. FINALLY, I SEARCHED IN GOOGLE WITH HER MOBILE NUMBER AND I FOUND THAT SOME OF OTHER PEOPLES ALSO RECEIVED SCAM CALL FROM THAT NUMBER.

I hope that the info will help raise awareness of this scam.