I got cheated by an online friend

Anonymous | 21 Sep 2021

Internet Love Scam
I met Harry Ronnie on a dating app and we continue on whatsapp, planned to meet up but before we meet up he said that his company is sending him to Malaysia but once he’s back we’ll meet and spend time together. He said his Scotland bank account got locked and he needs to access it to get funds for the job he’s doing in Malaysia for Petronas. He said he needed a SG simcard for it but since he’s in Malaysia he’s asks me a favour to buy a sim card and send it to him. I was blinded by his sweet words and want to help I bought and sent it via FedEx. He said he needs to do top up. After doing the top up he said that its not working and asked me if it’s okay for me to lend some money which I said no. He called and got mad then said he’s just going to borrow money from his colleague Kim Wang and if it can be deposit to my bank account so I can send it to him because he really wants to finish his work asap as the covid there is high. He said the money is for him to buy materials for work and expenses in Malaysia. After transferring the money deposited to my account I received a call from the bank telling me that my online banking has been disabled and that a deposited cash to my account has been reported as a fraud. I was confused on what’s happening so I told the bank I will first check what’s happening. Harry Ronnie said that his colleague Wang didn’t reported anything and that he will ask Wang to go to the bank. He suddenly said his colleague transferred another money to my account and that I should send it to him via WU because he needed it to settle his workers payment. There’s an issue with the WU that I was not able to send him the money. He called, shouted and accused me of lying to him and taking interest on his money. This is also when I feel pressured and broke down crying because he’s accusing me. To prove to him that I’m not lying I borrow money from a colleague so the money can be sent to him. We got okay after the money has been transferred to him and he said that he’ll come back to Singapore by Sunday and asked if I can send him cash because he still needs to settle his workers payment and I told him that I can’t send him any cash. He showed me a CIMB cheque and a letter that he needs to pay the worker’s first before he can travel back to Singapore. I know it’s too late but this is when I realized that I’m being scammed so I called the police and ask what to do next as I’m really confused.