Beware of job scams

Anonymous | 21 Nov 2021

Job Scam
I have always wanted to work part time/ freelance. Then came an AGENT joline cheong that claimed to be from " talentvis" posting and asking me if I'm finding a WFH job and part time. I complied as I would like to KNOW more. These people will be nice to you and manipulate you and it all seemed legit. Then she referred me to another person who texted me on WhatsApp . Her name is AGNES. She claimed THAT she HAVE a fast job for me that takes 30-60mins by completing 40 orders. At first i tried out for awhile and they gave me a commission for it and im like " oh this isnt bad ". But take note, do not fall for these as it is a way for them to get you in even more and have that trust. The orders get more and I would need to paynow a lot of money. If I never  complete, I cannot withdraw back the money that I transferred over. I PANICKED, i wanted to get my money back and asked for helped but they laughed instead and tell you to get it done by the night or my " account will be frozen ".

I lost some money to this scam. Please be aware everyone and if it is too good to be true, it really is too good to be true.