Scammer asked to help him by lending him money

Anonymous | 21 Mar 2020

Internet Love Scam
accept him In instagram Through message and exchange number and chat at whatsapp chat.
He said he is from malaysian , born half korean and half hong kong to support his mother and younger sister in malaysia. HIs father died 4 years ago and work in US as a cashier in chicago. He needs to go back malaysia to claim his father late contRact payment.
In the end , he crIed as he can not continue to pay the admin fee as he has paid $5ksgd for the paper work . I asked him how much need to pay, he said $2k to get the admin paper . I was stupid to believe his words and i help him $2k by oversea transfer. He given me the cashier account number to transfer $2k. But that’s not the end, He needs $3k admin fee to get the cheque of US$26 million foreign cheque which his dad Used to wOrk at Foreign company.
In the end, i helped him pay off the paper work in total of $20-30k bY go to loan shop to borrow money.
His moTher admitTed at KL hospital, he said Someone approach him to ask whether he has relative in singapore to help him/her transfer money to malaysia hospital cashier to pay off the Bill for operation. He asked me for account number to let singapore relative to transfer money into my account and i help them to transfer money to malaysia hospital cashier. I didnt think twice and i agreed to Give him my account number. Trouble comes to me, that my account has been blocked by investiGation team By bank due to inconsistent transfer money to malaysia. I was panic and confused and i realised that it was a scam when the officer contacted me for interviEw. I now very traumatic by the news.
Now i need to go through alot of investigation and my life turn upside down. Blame myself for being naive and trust online person tOo easily. 😭😭i maybe lost my job / jailed and fIne.