Beware of Online Purchase Scams!

Anonymous | 21 Jun 2020

Online Purchase Scam
Went online shopping in shopee on 20 june 2020 and found this sg seller. item was offered at $350 with no delivery fee required. I contact seller through whatsapp (83792917) and He counter offer at $300 and told us to make a direct bank transfer. i worried this is a scam so he offer a deposit of $200 instead, he even provide me with an NRIC (both side copy) to make me feel safe. coming to think of it now, the nric must have belong to some other victim as well. anyway, story is, i transfer the $200 to posb-??8032065 and was told to contact his boss for the item. through whatsapp (83022302) with the boss, he told me to make the remaining payment if we want to get the item cos his staff is new and not too sure of the procedure. once again, $100 was transfer, this time to another bank account (posb-??6470451). then we are told that we need to make another payment of $100 as delivery fee. only then, did i realise this is a scam... i confront the boss, as usual it is pointless, then i told him i wanted a refund... of cos there is no refund so my money is gone...

I wish to raise awareness and hope it will help to prevent you from falling into similiar case or being cheated by the same scammer. There are 2 person in incident who cheated me of a total of $300.