Credit-for-sex scammer asked me to borrow money from my friends to pay her "friend"

Anonymous | 21 Jun 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Met a girl on locanto . 可可. Sweet talker , chatted like a normal person. finally decided to meet at clementi mrt. then she would say she was on the way over to meet me. then asked if its okay for a friend to call me for verification. the next call as others went through would be to go to the nearest AXS machine to buy a 100sgd Alipay card. At this point i was reluctant

I bought and gave it to them. Now I expected the issue to just be a scam and just wave my $100 dollars away. But no. Now they're calling me asking for $1200 for her protection fee and she would return to me in cash when meeting me. in case i was a police to catch her. now obviously 1200 is alot and it raised all the flags for me to get the hell out of there. then the girl via Wechat begged me to borrow money from a friend or anything. and knowing that they already took the Alipay money . which they more or less will take on the spot. i just gave up and asked them to keep the money.

Then the guy called back and threatened that he knew my phone number and could track me and my family will pay the price. so i just told him straight i don't have any money left. so i tell the girl that i would get the money in a few days. obviously at this point I won't pay . duhhh .

Just to stall them. might just consider changing my phone number and be done with these nasty people. yes people don't trust what you see on classified websites.

Beware of such scams!