Caller got irritated when I questioned how she got my details

Anonymous | 21 Jan 2019

Investment Scam
This lady from Smart Finance (said she is from a finance company,the background was very noisy, should be this name) called me asking if I will want to earn extra income. I asked where she got my number from and she said i subscribed it hence she is sure i want to earn extra income. I TOLD HER I AM NOT INTERESTED. I asked her again from where i subscribed and she starts to get very impatient say why can't I let her introduce her product since i needed this extra income. i told her i am not interested in earning extra income and tell me where she got my name and contact no, and she starts to raise up her voice and demanded me to listen to her to introduce her product, which after that I just ended the call. cannot even tell me where she is from properly and keeps on insist that i am in need of extra income which sounds so fishy.