Another case of Singtel impersonation scam call

Anonymous | 21 Feb 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
He impersonated as a technician from singtel that called my parents, asked if the internet is facing any issues. Coincidently, My parents are facing connectivity issues the past 2 days and thought that he is a genuine call to fix the issue.

He gave his name as eric lewis, and a case id OTT_096/218/2021 for reference.

Firstly, he requested my dad's personal information like name, IC, DOB, address for verification purposes.

secondly, he requested a remote access to my dad's laptop to troubleshoot via some remote access tool. Once he has the access, he started opening the chrome browser to access the login page of the banks - OCBC, citibank, posb, corpass/singpass and requested my dad to login. luckily, my dad can't recall the password correctly and failed to login.

My dad found it suspicious and asked for his company contact number to verify continuing the call.

That's where he refused to provide and he hung up.