I was almost scammed by a buyer on Carousell

Anonymous | 21 Aug 2021

Online Purchase Scam
I was approached on Carousell pertaining my watch listings at around 3pm on 20th August 2021. The person asked for my number and texted me on whatsapp thereafter. I first suspect he is a scammer because he sounds way too zealous in trying to the deal done - usually for watches that is worth SGD 20- 30k, people will still try to negotiate a couple of hundreds off, but he did not and even said that he will round the sum up for me. He claimed that he is not in Singapore and that he wants to buy a watch for his brother as a present. Hence he will make the transfer online and ask a courier to pick up the watches. I felt that something was not right so I went in and checked his profile on Carousell and the account was created couple of hours ago before he first approached me for the watches. But because it was Singapore contact number (+65 8401 8902?, I went ahead and still chatted with him since there is a chance he might be a real buyer.

He then proceeded to ask for personal information pertaining to my bank account number, name of bank account holder and address. I did not give him my full account name and gave him an office address instead. But because I told him that I didnt have the watches with me, he wanted to deal with me the next day, on 21st August 2021 morning instead. Around 10pm on 20th August, which is the day itself, I noticed that Carousell has already banned the account - so I thought I am right and that the scammer won't contact me anymore. But on the 21st August morning, the scammer continued to text me on Whatsapp and asked whether if we can deal by 4pm that day. I replied yes, saying that so long as I can sight the funds, then I will pass him the watches. Thereafter he claimed that he can only show me the receipt but the funds will only reach 1-2 days later - that is when I know that it is definitely a scam.