Seller didn't send me my item after I paid

Vishal Mittal | 21 Aug 2019

Online Purchase Scam
I had purchased a deal in Carousell from a user called "missjjy".
The deal is about "MBS Complimentary Stay 1 Night Only". The deal was quoted for S$200 and I purchased it for the same price.
On 14th August, I had a chat with the seller and we both agreed with the deal. I Made an Offer in Carousell. The seller asked me to make a deposit of S$50 to reserve the item.
I asked the seller to exchange phone numbers so that we can be more comfortable. The seller mentioned that she is currently overseas and can contact via singapore whatsapp number 9468413?. Alternatively,  can contact whatsapp via her work phone +660993799588. I shared my contact details too.

Then I transferred the deposit to her OCBC Account (which was shared) and the seller acknowledged the same.

Now, we were communicating over whatsapp. The seller reserved the item and shared screenshot with me. Then on 15th August seller got the deal under my name and shared a sms with Ref No blanked out. This convinced me and I had transferred the remaining amount too.  The seller has been delaying every day giving some reason or other to share the complete reference  number details with me... sometimes saying that it is other mobile which is in hotel... sometimes saying that she requested for an email acknowledgment and will share soon.
Few days later, she deleted the item from Carousell instead of marking it sold.
From yesterday onwards, she is not responding to any of my communication. Her SG number is also not available. There is no response to whatsapp calls, whatsapp chat and carousell chats

Photo Evidence: