Internet love scammer attempted to trick me!

Anonymous | 20 Oct 2019

Internet Love Scam
I met this guy from CMB. Coffee meet bagels dating app. he first claimed malaysian genting. original from pahang, moved to Hong kong at age 17, continue stay there until recently being sent back to genting highland to work for an year.

his CMB profile will state he wants long term relationship. (this is the bait) he put he is food and beverage director. he will send voice msg in cantonese to malaysian to test if you will reply in chinese. he sent me his hong kong PR ID to show he is real.

First attempt: he said just reached singapore for work and he forgot to bring his laptop. he wants to lend old laptop from me. i don't have so i ask him to rent somewhere.

2nd attempt: 8am, he said he needs my help as his staff still sleeping and he is at myanmar embassy applying visa and he has no ringgit in his bank account malaysia, ask me to transfer rm130, and another SGD40, to his bank account. i didn't i ask him to wait for his stupid staff.

then i recalled, he said before he doesn't has malaysia bank account cos he doesn't need any. but when he asking for money he said i can bank into his maybank or public bank.

Attached with his photo, conversation and ID.

im not sure is his profile being fraud or he himself is the scammer. but is better to alert more people.

Photo Evidence: