Loan scammer forced me to take a loan by depositing money into my account without my consent

Anonymous | 20 Oct 2019

Loan Scam
At first i just inquire thru the website regarding how to make a loan. The next day, they whatsapp saying they are from legal moneylender and they want my applications. At first they dont even mention that it was weekly payments. In the middle of the night i told them to cancel the request as i am not interested but they said had been transferred and all. They asked for a picture of my house door and all. On the first payment i made was 200 they give me an acct number. Second was on the 8th oct i thought was the same acct number but they say thats their customer and that does not count. I felt sceptical since that they must wait for next acct. 3rd payment was 12th oct 200. Basically ive paid 800 but then on the 12th then explained all that is defer PAyment.. they inform me to clear have to make 600 one shot payment so i told them on the 18th i will clear. They give me their own acct number which is dbs account number. And now im a stress up cause they say not counted too as it supposed to be 200 on that acct then 400 wait for their next acct number. What should i do. I'm ignoring them since yesterday and just afraid they hunt my parents and hurt my little son. Please help me. And since on the 2nd or 3rd repayment ive been telling this nick im at station working. Its a lied to stop them from coming but i dont think they believe me.

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