Stay vigilant and don't fall prey to scams!

Anonymous | 20 Nov 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Casually browse wechat nearby feature, found a pretty girl and send HER friend REQUEST. CHATTED for abit and she offer me sex service 100 for 2 hrs. i take up her OFFER and meet her at limbang shopping mcd. When i reached, i went toilet to pee and msg her that i have reached. She said her agent need to call me to verify me FIRST. I sat on the toilet bowl and waited. A chinese speaking guy with unknown NUMBER CALLED and the moment i heard axs machine i hung up. Then he text me with threatening msg saying he is ang soon tong 阿虎. I laughed so hard almost fell off the toilet seat. I knew abt all these sex scams, alipay, itunes long ago so i did not lose anything that day.

An advice to all men - it is very simple to detect them. I'm not sure abt other platforms but for WECHAT, the moment they accepted u, they will send u a template giving u their LINE id and WHATSAPP, saying she doesn't use wechat to chat. The hp number will never be local one, it will start with +60 or +852 etc. A simple google will tell u which country code is THAT.

They are very pro in convincing u to use the AXS for payment. Already tested with few of them. Their pics are pretty, voice are sweet, concern abt u, yeah i KNOW that but don't for IT!