I blocked the scammer after I received repeated requests to pay for my "gifts"

Anonymous | 20 Jun 2019

Internet Love Scam

I met a guy on coffee meets bagel app 3 weeks ago, claiming he wants to be friends. We chatted for 3 days on the app and he asked to exchange phone number. He persuaded me to give him my number to add on whatsapp because he on the coffee meet bagels app, the chat will expire in 7 days and he wants to continue to chat with me. He claimed he is from singapore and lives in uk westminster, lost his dad when he was young, and is working as an petroleum engineer in westminster, uk.

Via Whatsapp, he showed a lot of love and care, telling me constantly that he wants to marry me, and that his mom wants him to get married. He sends selfies of himself occasionally, and his pet dog jack. He is a real sweet-talker. He claims that he will come to Singapore to meet me.

After 3 weeks, he suddenly told me that he was trying to get a very important contract in Marine oilfield, in north sea. He went offline for 2 days. After that, he came back telling me that he got the contract, and is very happy and he believes that he got the contract because of me being in his life. 

He told me that he bought things for me to celebrate, will send it to me via courier. When i refused, he said he is driving to the courier company and it is a long drive from where he lives. In the end, i gave him my home address. He sent me photos of a luggage of bags, jewellery, iphone, and a secret brown envelope he said containing $20,000 usd. At that point, i realised he is a scammer because, who sends money via post? 

After 2 days, he sent me photos of Marine Oilfield, which i cannot see him in the photos. He told me that the contact is smooth and that the package will arrive singapore in 2 days as he called up the courier service to hurry up. He sent me a link to the courier service and a tracking no., i did not click on.

This morning, I received a Whatsapp message. The message says “your parcel and consignment have arrived here in Singapore and you are required to pay 4,500sgd for duty import and singapore local charge. Mrs. You message me when you are ready to make your payment so that i can send your acct details to make the payment. And 2 continuous Whatsapp phone calls at 08:46am. I blocked the phone number from the courier service.

After not replying to the courier and blocking the courier number, the scammer whatsapp me saying “try to settle the payment, so that when they deliver to you, you can take the money i kept inside for you back.” I blocked him after that on whatsapp and phone number.