Beware of unlicensed moneylenders / loan scammers

Anonymous | 20 Apr 2021

Loan Scam
My helper saw a loan ad on facebook and enquired thru messenger. The company asked for her bank acc no and work permit in order to find out more. My helper didn't agree on any loan amt but $200 was transferred to her acc and from then on, every week, they harassed her for $150 interest weekly unless she paid off the whole sum of $350 at one go. My helper transferred a total of $450, via 3 weeks timeline. Ended up, they still pestered her and asked her for my handphone no. They called and threatened me tt they will make trouble at my place if i dun help to pay up. Various calls were made with the +65 number and whatsapp msgs.... just blocked and call the police.

Please share with your helpers, don't fall to such scams!

Editor's Note: Please note that unlicensed moneylenders can impersonate as licensed moneylenders by creating fake websites using their details. Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to put up advertisements online (including social media), SMS or messaging apps. Please contact licensed moneylenders via the contact details and visiting only the websites found in this list Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to approve loans remotely.