Seller kept asking for payments for online purchase!

Anonymous | 20 Apr 2020

Online Purchase Scam
My helper almost got scammed just now. She asked me if i can help her pay on her behalf by transferring money over for her to buy facial products for her problem skin.

After checking the source, I was very sceptical cos no reviews and the seller only joined in feb. But seeing that it was only $27, I transferred the money over. And gave my address and bank account details.

Then the game starts. Seller tried telling my helper sent wrong account no., said that account is supposed to be to the boyfriend and we have transferred wrongly. then said is correct will send item, then confirm that she cannot send cos money was sent to her boyfriend who is a cheat. Wasted 45min of my time.Hope she learns her lesson not to be too trusting.🤦🏼‍♀️

And in the message, many other addresses which seller claimed she has mailed the good before has been compromised as she started to show she is legit after we threatened to report to police.