Beware of jobs offering fast and easy money!

Anonymous | 19 Oct 2021

Online Purchase Scam Job Scam

Someone on telegram approached me. She told me she was from sg recruiters group - “we are currently offer a freelance pt job, are you interested?”

I thought it was legit so I agreed to link up with the poc - Jolin. Jolin texted me and went through the “job” with me. It happened last Friday and i was added into a group with 9 other people.

Initially, Jolin shared these info with me:

“we are helping merchants boost visibility & viewing rate, so here's how we do it i'll tell you briefly. The merchant finds the company, finds the agency, which means the merchant pays the company, the company pays us, and we help the merchants boost visibility & viewing rate of their products”
i helped her with her purchase every day to get 25% of her commission. I was later asked to register the account with my own personal information. She shared i had to grab 45 order daily, both on her account and mine.

After a day of completing the orders, I realised the orders were bulking up to a larger amount and it require constant top up. By then, I realised something isn’t right and pulled out from it. Although I did not lose any money. But the way, this goes viral and how “easy” the money was said to be earned can really cause detrimental damage in a long run.