Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 19 Nov 2021

Job Scam
At first, a person from telegram recommended me a job

Let me contact Whatsapp+6598572???

After that, a person with the name MA?? ALL????? PU??? WA??? contacted me
He recommended me a job and told me I could earn a lot of money
The name of the company he recommended to me was TARGET
At first, he asked me to transfer money to the above bank account

Bank Account Number: 707-???902-0??
Name: Ma??? Alla???? P??? Wan??

He told me that I could start the job by topping up $200 and that I could earn $2000 when I finished, SO I THOUGHT I COULD TRY.

Halfway through the job, he asked me to top up again, saying it was to make more money
This time the top-up amount was $1389, I was asked to top up again and again, and I ended up with a total of $34,325

After that, I felt something was wrong. I confronted him, he told me that he is a Malay royalty so I believe him so much, everyone if you see the name MA?? ALL????? PU??? WA???, remember to be careful. He is a fraud!

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