Don't be fooled by job scammers

Anonymous | 19 Nov 2021

Job Scam

I received telegram job advertisement through aunty Yu (hp: +65 88196503) regarding job offer part time and earn some cash $80-$150 per day. Later on, someone named Sam contacted me through WhatsApp (hp: +65 81223527) and tell me all about the job scope (about boosting product for vtex and you can earn commission), and ask me used his referral code to open account and then let me try boosting product with his account. I was quite puzzled and just try boosting 40 product using his account and then i log into my account and some $100 commission. This bring some trust to this job but actually is definitely a scam.

First time i try using my own account and earn $200 and i did withdraw back my money. However, second time i try to boost product by deposit the money starting $100 only, the product keep appearing bigger and bigger amount. I need to complete 40 product but unable to. They make me deposit $300, then $700, then $1500, then $4000, up till $50000 for each subsequent product.

By right this is supposed to he job and you not supposed to give money to company to earn money. Some more money given much, much more to earn peanut wage. Until then I realised, this is getting nowhere and I am unable to complete my 40 time boosting product.

I approached my so-called upline named Sam (hp: +65 81223527). He threatened me with death threat, and even want to go hunt me down because Singapore very small and he has big gang contacts behind this. A lot spam message me until i cancelled my number. This become very scary. And I realised this is definitely a scam. You all can trace that villain guy picture by adding this number (hp: +65 81223527).

Inside the group WhatsApp, there are other people who are scammer party too, they will post all boosting product and withdrawal amount to get your trust. But only your account will need to keep deposit more and more money. T

Scam company detail:
vtex admin number (+61 422945114)

vtex scam websites (NOTE: DO NOT CLICK)

They kept changing the vtex website because spf blocked it and warned public. Please listen to police. Do not believe this vtex job and also help spread to all your family and friends. Really hope these people get caught and bad karma one day.

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