I lost money to a loan scam!

Anonymous | 19 Nov 2019

Loan Scam
Received sms from Martin and even went to check his company background. I thought i was being smart by going to the website and checking via the website contact if Martin did work there. The website had a legit REGISTERED business number and i DIDN'T give it much thoughts. I was contacted by mervin via the website Whatsa chat function. He told me that he can assist me instead. He never addressed me martin works for him. The website looked legit so i blindly trusted and submitted aLl my documents thinking i was just getting a quote. Next thing i knEw, i was informed loan APPROVED and i still stupidly thought its from a bank. The next day, i received message from
mervin that $700 has been DEPOSITED into my account. I was shocked and all warning bells started ringing. I insisted he take the money back and he arranged to meet me the next day at 2.30pm to explain. At 1.30pm, he messaged me to TRANSFER $1,000 to a posb savings account. I got scared when he threatened to come to my house and just TRANSFERred to him. Then he send another message for $3,000. That’s when i called him and he threatened Me And told me he is loanshark. That all info were fake. I’m shocked by my own stupidity and now want to share this as no matter how educated or highly paid you are, the scammers have a way to tempt you.

Mine was low interest rates.
I’ve reported to polIce and just installed CCtV at mu house. To take away the power from my Scammers, im sharing this With my boss and colleagues as well my neighbours. I wish i found this page earlier and now I’ll do my part to spread the word.