Scammer will give you some sob stories to fool you!

Anonymous | 19 Nov 2019

Internet Love Scam
Met Kelvin chen wei 39 years old on cmb. Claims that his Dad is Singaporean chinese and Her Mum Is us but both divorced and he is bring up by his grandma which Already late. He Claimed to be a consultant from la, own oil fIrm who has 2 cats and 2 dogs. He said he had relationship for 5 years but his ex gF having afFair and he Was hurt and was alone for past 7 years. He will always say he got strong feeling for You. His voice and picture doesn’t match as his Voice is like old uncle. He dont have a good grAmmer and alot typo error in the meSsage. i believe he stole someone's identity. End of the day, he will tell you he won a project in qatar And once he done with project, he will come sg to settled down with you, buy house, open small company in sg.. etc. He will sweet talk alot. But before project end, he will tell you his equipment breakdown and work not went wEll. So finally he will asked you for financial help!!!