Scammer gave me sob stories to get me to send money to him

Anonymous | 19 Mar 2020

Internet Love Scam

Met a guy in cmb his name is henry wong. Adopted by a russian foster dad raised up in moscow at the age of 3 when his singaporean parents died. Chat like around two weeks on wechat he was sweet and polite. He tried to send me his daily photos which is a very handsome guy but in summer clothes always while moscow is in winter now !! Claimed that he wanted to set up his own company as for a freelance architect after a few visits in sg. He back to moscow for a two weeks project and then will fly to sg to meet me. Even show me his flight booking. 5 days before his flight he was urgently called by his indonesia client for a building collapsed and need to fly there for investigation at once. Then he fight in the site and got injured. Asking to go for court and need 50000euro for compensation. Then i searched the internet and found the stories.